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About us

About us

Galaxy Stones was founded in the UK first in 2018, through a family pipeline venture which originated abroad, back in 1952. Directors James and Fash Ghadiminejad are the brands ambassadors whom work incorporation with some of the most renowned stone companies in London. Combined with their family they have enabled their customers to buy straight from the sources of natural stones i.e. quarries abroad. Through just the delivery of one container in 2018, they have proudly found enough acquaintance with the UK market to have imported over 16 containers in February 2020. Their book-matching and diversified stone proposal, is gaining widespread succession in collaboration with their testament to delivering at the highest level.

Presently, they hold majority of their stock in their showroom in Staples Corner, West London, which is centrally acclaimed to some of the most monumental projects. Their showroom leaves nothing to imagination with exhibits of a multi storey kitchen, bathroom and bedroom outset in addition to their a separate warehouse for the procurement of their stones. Notably recognised by major developers and designers as the finest home for stone. Their inventory consists of Onyx, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Porcelain and Travertine which is sourced from around the world at only the most prestigiously proclaimed quarries. Quality and service is the backbone of their business, ensuring expectations are of the highest standard more often then not higher than any customer’s. The dynamical structure of their operation have put them amongst the most elite production and fitting stone companies in the country.


The family business first began to grow momentum through the sale of Travertine tiles. After slowly building on their expertise in the world of natural stones they soon gained a strong stance in the Onyx market. Through the design and manufacturing of small household ornaments they began to unveil the other elegant qualities the translucent stone had to offer. It proved to be timeless and majestic piece which has been a major contributor to luxury construction as we know it today. Fast forwarding to the present, the youngest director of the company Fash, left University with a distinction in Maths to preserve the family business and fulfil his passion for stone indefinitely.

Retention of their clients has and will remain priority for them. Going above and beyond is the governing ethos of the business, with endeavours to obtain an upstanding reputation as the finest quality under the galaxy, for stones.