Remote Onboarding Checklist For Virtual Employees For 2023

Create a self-serve onboarding journey for your new hires by building employee onboarding task lists directly into the digital apps and processes they’re learning. It’s no secret remote employees face fewer distractions than on-site workers. They don’t spend time on watercooler talks or get interrupted by random discussions happening in the room. During the remote onboarding process, they can focus on the resources provided and get up to speed faster. So go ahead and explore what technology has to offer for your virtual onboarding process. Find out what the best employee onboarding software for your business is.

  • This is something you must consider to create a positive onboarding experience for your new employees.
  • If they are only involved in traditional classroom-style training, there is very less chance of it being effective n the long run.
  • As a result, you will have to help new hires develop a sense of belonging through social onboarding.
  • Similar to BambooHR, Onboard eliminates manual effort from the onboarding process, allowing you to scale and manage high volumes of new hires.
  • To keep it short and sweet for all parties involved, schedule these meet-and-greets for minutes max.

The companies that take what they learn during this challenging time and apply it to their business operations moving forward stand to gain a competitive advantage. According to Boston Consulting Group, a company with effective onboarding practices achieves 2.5 times more revenue growth and 1.9 times the profit margin. A report from Glassdoor states retention rates can improve 82 percent with a high-performing onboarding strategy. And when they do, there’s a good chance the new hire will start their job working remotely. Asynchronous training experiences are learning and training that occurs simultaneously, such as watching training videos and interacting with other learning materials. Welcoming a new hire on Slack is great, but you shouldn’t forget to allocate some time in your daily standup to introduce them to the team.


You need to decide whether you will provide what your remote workers need or you will add it to their payment later. To make this easier, show the employees a list of all that they will need to work effectively and ask them if they have anything from the list or if they need to add any other thing to the list. This will help you know what you need to put in place before the employees’ arrival.

What is the most important thing you can do when onboarding a new team member remotely?

While onboarding remote employees, it's important to give them as much time as they need to learn about the core business and its products/services/offerings, as well as the psychological safety to ask as many questions as possible.

Other tools to consider are video conferencing tools, e-signing tools, applicant tracking systems, helpdesk software, and more. Assign these tasks in your PM software and have them check-in via your preferred messaging protocol. You’ll get any questions or kinks out of the way, help them practice using the software, and gradually ease them into taking on real work. This gives them a preview of what’s in the pipeline and helps squash those early nerves . It’s also an excellent way to ease them into their remote schedule and working with your team. Check-in on a set schedule, which helps balance your other tasks with reaching out (and won’t overwhelm new hires).

DON’T overwhelm with learning material

These remote onboarding best practices onboarding challenges are important to take note of, but they should not deter you from proceeding with your virtual onboarding process. The benefits are more than worth it, and this is not a challenge that you have to undertake on your own. Filo offers helpful advice and guidance that has enabled businesses to accomplish their onboarding goals. For a strong partner to help your business efficiently establish a virtual onboarding process, consider Filo for training and onboardings that your employees will remember and appreciate.

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There are various software solutions you can use to onboard your new employees remotely. HR software, for example, can help streamline your recruitment process, including onboarding remote hires. It provides a centralized platform, workflow automation, scheduling, report generation, and data and analytics. This gives them a comprehensive overview of your company’s culture, people, and values.

How would you onboard a remote employee?

Provide a Virtual Office Tour-In a remote work environment, if you can provide your employees with a virtual tour, it might help them feel included. The tour can be in the form of a video, interactive photos, or static slideshows. The data show that 37% of businesses say work/life imbalance is likely to cause employees to leave their company.

How do you make a remote new hire feel welcome?

  1. Make Them Feel Welcome.
  2. Help Them Meet Their Coworkers.
  3. Solidify Your Remote Onboarding Processes.
  4. Check-in Frequently.
  5. Assign a Buddy.
  6. Embrace Technology.
  7. Follow Legal Guidelines for Remote Workers.